this a very special anime ook, there are shows made for specific things, for an example:

Konosuba is made for brainless comedy, you won't watch it expecting a super clever plot.

Death Note is made for its strategic characters and plot, don't go in expecting huge action scenes. Etc........

Demon Slayer is just beautifuly animated action scenes, go in expecting only that. Don't try to dig too deep into its story, cos its pretty basic and generic. The characters are also shallow and a lot of stuff doesn't make sense. There are lots of plot-armor and ass pulls, but at the end of the day, if all you want is some beautiful action scenes, it delivers. Go in with this mindset and you might enjoy it.

If what you are seeking is not it, then drop it and watch something else, otherwise you will just keep noticing all those "bad" stuff I mentioned and will overhate the anime, like I do sometimes.

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