This is a very nice, short 24 episodes cooking anime. It's good, same level as any other cooking anime I guess, isekai too. But, what is more interesting is that they have a short live action version at the end, which is either a cooking show or food review that is related to the anime food that is made. I like the animated food, but the real food is more satisfying, but also expensive and looks pretty hard to prepare and is only up to professionals or people who know the basics of cooking.
I wish there was more, I think I have already seen this, I remember watching it, but not on Yugen but somewhere else, feels good to rewatch something. But, there are some scenes that don't feel good, and that is where some villains come in, that is pretty annoying. You have this, quiet peaceful restaurant and then villains walk in and place a false issue that states they are selling alcoholic beverages illegally just to slide the blame to the Nobu and use it as a scapegoat, that whole episode was a waste of time, it was not satisfying, watching the anime and at that point, thinking, "Oh hell no, is it all going to end here, is this cooking anime going to finish so early?" but no, it was a pretty short debate and they finished it so quickly in a short amount of time in the episode.
I wish they had a second season, because 24 episodes is more than enough, however, the episodes are short and there isn't enough cooking in it, or satifying scenes.
I hope this isn't much of a spoiler though, you should definitely watch this anime if you haven't yet. 5 years later, and it's still pretty good, I do wonder though, since they also put in the contact numbers for the restaurants that the essayist visits, I wonder if they are still ongoing, I haven't search yet, but even after covid/corona, are they still open or have they closed, because from 2018 to 2023, but would have been almost 4-5 years and since covid was during 2019-2021, I think it would have greatly affected the restaurants that were highlighted in this anime. Makes me wonder, if they are still open, then that is very nice, but if they are closed, I guess not.

I will mark this as a spoiler, because I'm not very good with words and can say too much about a good show.

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