1 : Envoys from the Earth

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It has been two weeks since the attack on Plant Quetta. At first glance, it seems daily life at the school has remained peaceful, but a gag order has been imposed regarding the incident, and the members of Earth House feel suffocated. As preparations get under way for the next day`s Open Campus event, a pair of transfer students appear before Suletta.

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Suletta Mercury, who transferred from Mercury into the Asticassia School of Technology, has lived a school life filled with meetings and excitement, as Miorine Rembran's groom and a member of Gund-Arm, Inc. Two weeks have passed since the incident at Plant Queta and Suletta spends her days at the school looking forward to seeing Miorine again. Miorine, on the other hand, is at the headquarters of the Benerit Group, monitoring her father's condition. The two girls are faced with new difficulties and decisions that must be made. With their own feelings in their hearts, the girls confront the powerful curse brought about by the Gundam.

(Source: g-witch.net, translated)

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