Honghuang Ling Zun - Episode 24

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Above mortals, Xian Dao Changlong, in this world of practicing fairy tunnels, the first place is money. Poor Tianfeng College students Chu Tian inherited a huge amount of property in Chu Tian, thus opening a section of “ gold-swolling Journey ”. In accordance with the principle of “ that social resources cannot be wasted ”, Chutian set up a top-level mansion, equipped to reach the peak, monopolized the high-level fine-tanned drugs and symbols of Tianfeng City, and lived a gold-slurging day, truly reaching the view of money as dung. Superhuman realm. At this time, the dark tide surged under the calm surface of Tianfeng City. The wolf ambitions of the dark forces in the city were all over the world. Soon, Chu Tian was stared at by the dark forces and thus burst into hatred, and was chased by the dark forces.

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