8 : The Swirling Currents Are All Machinations

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Rei Oohashi is a burned-out office worker by day but otome game heroine Rae Taylor by night. After her long workdays, Rei immerses herself in the world of her favorite dating sim, Revolution, as a student at Bauer Kingdom's prestigious Royal Academy. Instead of focusing on the male love interests, Rei obsesses over the romantic rival: the game's villainess, Claire François. One evening, however, Rei's exhaustion catches up with her and she passes away.

When Rei opens her eyes again, she finds herself reincarnated as Rae and in the presence of her beloved Claire. Given this miraculous opportunity, she wastes no time declaring her love for the golden-haired villainess and her endearing attempts at bullying. Winning Claire's heart is no easy feat, especially as the game persistently throws the three male leads at Rae—but she has no intention of allowing the dating sim logic to come between her and the one she truly loves.

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